When designing a new instrument there are different issues I take into account. Of course the clients wishes are number one.
Next to the clients wishes there are design principles to which I like to adhere as a luthier. I believe a guitar should look like a guitar. Sometimes I see creations which are hardly recognized as a guitar. I have to admit that it can be fun, perhaps it is the creators aim to play with the conception. However my experience is that more often such radical or excotic designs have the tendency to not last very long, get boring in the long run, often due to marketing and fashion etc.
There are a lot of good guitar design thought out and build, especially in the area of the electric guitar. This does not mean acoustic design is at a low level, on the contrary. An instrument should entice the performer to use it. The more comfortable the instrument, the fewer technical problems the musician has to overcome. It seems to me that the importance of performer comfort is underestimated.

too hot to handle.....

Gil Oliveira is unique due to the fact that his custom guitars cross all boundaries.  He has no steadfast rules and he is not afraid of the challenge to build something new or different. Gil builds everything from Classic Retro guitars to 80's Metal guitars, from headless innovative instruments to the most beautiful boutique hand built models in the universe, dulcimers, sitars, 6 string violins,15 string basses and upright basses.